Sunday, October 7, 2012

a trip to the pumpkin patch.

ahh where has the time gone?  some days i have the best of intentions to blog and then the end of the day comes and i curl up on the couch with charlie and a glass of wine for an hour before i climb into bed.  as much as i want to document these things, because the time goes so fast and i want us to remember, i'm usually so sick of the computer by the end of the day that i want nothing to do with it.  also, it's difficult to type and hold my wine at the same time.  anyway, we went to the pumpkin patch today.  we wanted to get some pumpkins and i've wanted to start making traditions for our family.  and a trip to the pumpkin patch is an easy and fun one for fall.

it was still pretty cool today.  in the 50s, which is sort of nice when you're doing fall-like activities.  somehow it feels less like fall when it's 80 degrees out.  plus this meant that avery got to wear her new hat that i got her yesterday when it was snowing and i realized she had no winter clothes.  


we didn't have far to go, which was nice since we were trying to squeeze this in between avery's nap and the broncos game.  as you can see she was thrilled to be picking pumpkins.  


the most important thing in this picture is that she's wearing shoes!  this is actually the first time she's every worn them.  because along with a hat and a winter coat i realized that even though she wasn't walking yet she was going to need shoes this winter.  so i ordered her some a week or so ago, but they're still on their way to us.  and then my dad (thanks dad!) reminded me about these shoes that were mine that my parents had given to me so i decided to see if they fit.  they're a little long but apparently my daughter has inherited my hugely fat feet so i could barely squeeze her feet into these.    

i sort of love this picture.  minus the ugly pumpkin.  she's giving charlie her scrunchie nose smile. 

we picked a few pumpkins and then went to go show avery the farm animals.  she loved them, which surprised me.  after her trip to the zoo where she wasn't into the animals at all i wasn't expecting her to care but she seemed to really like them all, especially the pigs and the sheep.

the pigs were pretty cute. 

and avery was totally into them.  

although those pumpkins were totally overpriced it was definitely worth the trip and i'm sure we'll visit again with the masses next year.  i'm just hoping that these pumpkins last until halloween so we can carve them and roast their seeds. 

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