Saturday, October 27, 2012

a (very short) trip to the bay.


when we were back in maryland we tried to squeeze as many visits with friends and family that we could.  we have some friends that live on kent island so on our way back from visiting charlie's family on the eastern shore to my parents outside of dc we stopped on kent island to see some friends and meet their new baby.  they have a 6 month old who's bigger and crawling faster than avery.  it was sort of funny to see her with avery because she kept grabbing avery and pulling her over and avery was not a fan.  she would give her the side eye and then start crying and crawling over to me to pick her up.  it's so funny to me how different all babies are and how they all develop at different times.  anyway, their neighborhood is right on the bay so we took a very short walk to a playground by the dock to let the kids play on the swings.  i have yet to meet a baby that doesn't like to swing although i'm sure there are some out there.



avery practiced walking on the dock.  i love her little belly in these pictures.  

i also have to admit that being back in md by the water makes me miss it just a little bit.  especially at this time of year when the weather's perfect and there's no bugs or humidity.  we usually make a trip back in the summer but i think that coming back in the fall made me miss the area even more.  there's really nothing like an east coast fall.

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