Tuesday, October 23, 2012

back home.


so we got back last night after 9 days in maryland visiting friends and family.  i know i can say without a doubt that avery has never met so many people in the previous 10 months of her life as she did this week and although it was a bit of a whirlwind it was so nice to see everyone that we did.  we really are blessed with good people in our lives and it was so nice to see everyone and introduce avery to everyone she hadn't met yet.  i  have to admit that coming back home was a little hard.  avery's schedule is pretty much non-existent after all of the traveling and co-sleeping, and i think she's completely forgotten that there are times when she'll have to play with herself because at home there's not always someone to play with her 24/7.  also i think when you know you're coming back to a dirty house with no food in the fridge, a work inbox full of messages, and a house that needs things fixed before winter it makes it even harder.  i'll be honest i was a little spoiled, too.  my mom put avery down for her morning nap each morning, and she and my dad worried about cooking for her and feeding her a lot of meals, i never once had to put her on the floor in the bathroom while i tried to shower in 5 minutes, and we were more than spoiled with the amazing food that everyone cooked for us while we were there.  every day should definitely start with pancakes and bacon.

it was also nice to be back in md.  even though we've been in colorado for 4 years and it definitely feels like home, so does maryland.  we took avery to the atlantic ocean for the first time, ate some rio grande,   took avery on a train ride and to the carousel, walked around d.c., attended a beautiful wedding, ate crab cakes, and had a lunch date in bethesda just the two of us.  and it was really nice.  and now i'm going through family withdraw.  facetime is great but it's not quite the same and i miss you guys already.

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