Monday, January 4, 2010


Christmas Eve walk2
hopefully a lot more of this in 2010.

resolutions.goals.aspirations.whatever you want to call them.
all my life i've resisted them but the past two years i've made some and i've liked it.
i definitely didn't accomplish all of 2009's resolutions but i had fun trying.

here are some [fun] things i'd like to do in 2010.

1. climb mount elbert.
2. comfortably ski some black diamonds by the end of the season.
3. enjoy a weekend away for our anniversary.
4. visit family. hopefully before the holidays.
5. cook julia child's beef bourguignon.
6. run the bolder boulder.
7. camp in wyoming.
8. use our canoe. with the dogs.
9. watch my sister dance in her last nutcracker. even though i hate the nutcracker.
10. learn how to use our new camera.
11. learn how to use PSE.
12. finish my 2009 scrapbook. by the end of february.

here are some [serious] things i'd like to do in 2010.

1. be a better wife. cook more, appreciate my husband more, complain less.
2. save more money.
3. find a long-term job.
4. take AT LEAST 5 classes.
5. set a budget.
8. read silent spring.

and here are some things i will NOT do in 2010.

1. adopt more animals.
2. move.
3. wear heels when i can wear flats.
4. go to the gym instead of walking the dogs.
5. buy holiday decorations.
6. cook like julia, or martha, or my mother.

... and, i want to keep doing my it's the little things posts once a week. they've helped me put things into perspective and not ignore the small things that make life so great.


mollyandmarshal said...

Love it! Your lists are great, and I love your "little things" posts.

Jodie said...

Great post! I love that you listed the things you won't be doing.. haha!