Sunday, January 3, 2010


i love sunday.
today was pretty uneventful but i liked it like that.
all our christmas decorations are gone.
the house is clean & put back together.
the laundry is done.
i made turkey noodle soup with our leftovers from christmas.
i ate cheese, drank wine, read a book, and listened to my joss stone cd that i found after 2 years.
we went grocery shopping. charlie is pretty excited about his new grocery app. for his ipod.
i cleaned out our storage closet, watched a few snowflakes fall, & attempted pictures with the new camera.


dunkin was so annoyed with me.

henry was slightly more amused. it might have been the turkey i was cooking.

turkey noodle soup.
giant pot of soggy noodle soup.


Julie said...

Please tell me more about this app to help with grocery shopping. Rodney does most of our shopping and loves his ipod touch, so he would probably be interested in it.

Alex said...

nice camera!! I miss you guys