Friday, January 29, 2010

kahalu'u beach

yeah, hawaiians aren't so fond of us mainlanders.
we had fun anyway, staying out of everyone's way.

our second day in kona, we woke up pretty refreshed.
12 hours of sleep will do that to you.
we got some coffee {love} and breakfast, wandered around kona some more, then rented some snorkeling gear and headed to the beach for the rest of the day.

kona church
this is (according to the sign) hawaii's first church.
now the coolest thing about this church is that there are huge windows along the side. only, they're not really windows, just holes in the building. because kona's weather is so awesome and it almost never rains there, a lot of the buildings are like that.

since i hate air conditioning i liked kona a lot.

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we drove down to kahalu'u beach, which is just a public beach a few miles from the town of kona. this was the view half way through the drive. not bad, eh?

kahaluu beach
the beach.

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sexy hubby
charlie was looking for whales.
there are a bunch of humpbacks off the coast. they come down to hawaii for calving season.

some very nice man took this of us.

we snorkeled. and looked super cool while doing it.
we saw a bunch of tropical fish, green sea turtles, and charlie saw an octopus.

and of course, we played with the camera a lot.

charlie claims he wasn't posing for this one .... not sure if i believe him. :)

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