Friday, January 15, 2010


i have never needed a weekend so badly before. ever.
i'd love to write about how awful this week really was, but i'm still debating on whether that's pc or not.
i'm jealous of people who work in cubicles. and don't have people screaming in their face, calling them inaproppriate names, or have to break up fights between girls. i could go on, but i won't. for now.
thank goodness this is a three day weekend. i'll be:
... shopping. yesterday my husband told me i dress like a 50 year old woman and should be on the show what not to wear. thanks babe.
... skiing.
... cleaning, reading, packing.
... getting books for school. ugh.
... taking the dogs for a walk. maybe a hike.
i cannot wait until 3.40 today.


Kristy said...

You and me both!!

Jodie said...

I too, agree that the weekend couldn't have come soon enough. TGIF! And I can totally sympathize with the being yelled at by teens thing... all I can say is, "it sucks"! I hope you have a fun weekend!

Alex said...

You made it!! (right??)

J said...

IT'S THE WEEKEND!! I hope you have a great time with your dude!! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I definitely share a love of dogs with you!
I wear Lands' End clothes and my husband says the same thing to me. I call them 'basics' he calls them 'old lady'. Happy Friday!