Thursday, January 7, 2010

The month after christmas.

so i started the job. and it's definitely going to be a challenge. definitely.

today was so dreary here. cloudy, grey, and snowy. for some reason the snow isn't the same without christmas decorations. i really like january. usually. but for some reason this month i'm not really into it. maybe because it's getting down to 0 degrees tonight. again.

i am looking forward to our hawaii trip at the end of january! we have an appointment with a dog boarding place on saturday. i'm excited about it because it's run by a woman out of her home and the dogs get to run in and out all day long. after our awful boarding experience when we were gone for our wedding (when we picked up the dogs they were filthy, dehydrated, and exhausted) i'm hoping this is much better. of course if my parents lived in town and would watch them for free that would be even more amazing.


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New England Girl said...

Oooh... a Hawaii trip? So jealous! Hope this dog boarder is a lot better than the last. I always get so nervous leaving my pups with a stranger!