Saturday, January 9, 2010

cats & bully sticks.

this week was only 3 days long and yet friday night i walked in the door and immediately made myself a hot toddy before even taking off my coat.
i then drank it in the bathtub.
imagine what next friday is going to look like after a 5 day week.

today we woke up, headed to our favorite breakfast place. it's the kind of place were people hang out, play guitars, enjoy free wi-fi, drink coffee out of handmade mugs, and relax in big comfy chairs. they also have great fair-trade, organic coffee and make fabulous breakfast bagels. it was delicious.

then we stopped by petco on our way home. puppy savers was doing their annual saturday adoption event and they also had a greyhound rescue as well. it was a good thing we brought the dogs with us because puppies are just so darn cute. and greyhounds? i love that they're insanely lazy. my kinda pup.

we got the dogs some new bronco i.d. tags, since their old ones had my old number on them. charlie was pretty bummed that they didn't have rockies tags.

we also bought them bully sticks which they LOVE.


tuckered out.

bones are hard work.

we're heading over to some friends' tonight for some wings and beer and then tomorrow heading up to winter park to do some skiing.
i love weekends.

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