Tuesday, January 5, 2010

and you thought your iPod was just for music

oh wait, that's me.
it's a good thing that charlie ended up with a new iPod touch instead of me.
i'd be rocking out to zac brown band and charlie's out grocery shopping. hopefully.

anyway, Julie over at Simply Me asked me about which grocery app we recently got.
first, let me tell you i wasn't that psyched about this, but charlie convinced me.

we ended up, after some extensive youtube research, with grocery gadget.
it does some pretty cool things. we picked that one over others because it didn't get bad reviews for crashing, you can make multiple lists, and enter item descriptions for several stores for one item, and there are no pop ups. i think grocery gadget was slightly more expensive than the others at $4.99 but i figure it's a small price to pay for no pop ups while shopping.

anyway, here are some cool things about it:

1. you customize lists. weekly items, recipes, household items
i liked this because i like the idea of being able to decide what i want to cook when we're in the store & not have to worry about not knowing the ingredients.
2. the items are really detailed. for example, you can enter in brand, size, quantity, price, you can even scan barcodes or take a picture of the item if you have an iPhone.
3. it organizes your lists. the first time you shop, it remembers the order that you check off items and then the next time puts of the items in that order (or you can do alphabetical). obviously i like this because it means one trip through the store.
4. you can enter/compare prices. i am cheap. especially when it comes to food. this is why i shop at 3 different grocery stores. the thing i like about this, is that the app will remember for you what item is cheaper instead of me trying to remember if $2.79 is good for a carton of milk.
5. no paper, no repeated list making, definitely a time saver. sometimes i don't make lists before i go because i hate making them. then i come back missing half the items that i needed.
6. dudes dig it. charlie loves his iPod, it's much easier than running around with a piece of paper and a pen, and this thing not only tells him what to get but where to get it. trust me this is huge.

i'll let you know how we like it as we continue to use it more. it definitely takes some time to set up but the idea is once everything is entered it will make grocery shopping a lot easier. for charlie. :)


Emily said...

I organize my grocery lists by section of the store, the idea of a machine doing it for me is heavenly. B does the grocery shopping because I'm bad with crowds and have little patience for figuring out the layout of new stores, but I think I could get used to this! iPhones would be in our future if we weren't loyal verizon customers - might have to look at the ipod touch.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree about Verizon. This is why neither of us have iPhones. Charlie has seriously loved the iPod touch if you're looking for the apps, games, video, without the crappy service.

Julie said...

Thank you so much! I can't wait to show R our new tool and start playing with it.