Monday, January 18, 2010


i love our home.
i love being home. especially after a long week.
friday night we went out to baker street pub & i discovered a new favorite beer.
strongbow. it's a cider and it's awesome.

we hung out a lot this weekend.
it was just what i needed.
these are some of my favorite things. nothing special, just things that make our little apartment a home.

our dogs.

into every heart ...
wedding card.

oh, henry.
favorite picture of the beach. i miss the beach.

wedding & engagement pictures.

Xmas wreath.  Thanks mom & dad.
wreath from mom & dad.

new pics.
new pictures in the bathroom.

these pictures remind me of a cold snowy day.
one where you just want to come home and cuddle in front of a fire.

our teeny kitchen.

and, of course, my dog. making sure that everything is fine outside.


Kat said...

Your place is so awesome! You've done such a good job decorating- want to come do my place? :) I LOVE the silhouettes of the dogs- did you have them done or did you do them yourself? Tell me! I want silhouettes like that!

Alex said...

I hpoe you're joking about that kitchen.

Emily said...

I love your home, too! And I love your dog silhouettes! Silhouettes are my new favorite - gift to give, art to display, etc. Casco's featured prominently on our mantle and it's definitely a talking piece.

Jodie said...

Oooh... I love your teeny kitchen too. Especially all the wine bottles on top of the cabinet! Glad you had a good weekend.