Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All things thankful for: March


I just can't look at this picture and not laugh. It's too funny.

... warm weather. Okay, so maybe it's cold now but we did have quite a few warm days. I'll be here ... waiting for more.
... checking things off of our "wedding to-do list". invites ordered. invites addressed. invites out!
... watching daffodils bloom. [and then getting killed by the storm.]
... our winter storm. yeah, I love warm weather but I also love playing in the snow.
... watching snow build up on the windows. sounds stupid but looks so cozy when you're sitting on the couch, wrapped in a blanket by the fire, drinking tea.
... midterms. well not the midterms themselves but knowing that the semester is more than halfway over.
... booking tickets for trips home.
... friends getting engaged. :)
... reading fiction.
... drinking champagne for no reason at all. [the boy is now hooked.]
... reading and drinking coffee in Corner Bakery between classes. now that my gift certificate is all used up I am boycotting Starbucks. ok, maybe just the one on Larimer Street. The people there were so rude and they have mice. Eww.
... crossing Bear Mountain off our list of things to hike.
... it's March 31st which means we're getting married in exactly 2 months. :)

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Ashley said...

Amazing picture! I love it and wish I had a pup of my own!!