Monday, March 16, 2009

Randomness of the day.

... I am officially discouraged about finding a dress for our rehearsal dinner. I went to J.Crew and tried on a few dresses there but they made me look like I had 3 feet wide hips. Damn you J.Crew and your fabulous clothes. Why can't you make clothes for people with curves?

... C came back from Hawaii with presents. Yay! His present for me was a $150 dress that he got so I could wear it when I came with him to HI next year. Now ... the idea was sweet. Very sweet. According to him he told the saleswoman that he "wanted a tight dress for his fiancee". He got what he wanted. The dress was tight. After trying it on I decided that there was no way I would wear the said dress enough to make it worth the $150. He then suggested that I wear the dress to our RD. I laughed. My family's pretty conservative. The dress definitely showed off my bootylicious ass. I'm sure that's just what our minister will be hoping to see that day. Along with my father. The dress got returned. Sorry C. He claims I never keep any of his presents. I think he's right, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

... I have been putting off reading this book for class. As a result I have to read half of it today just to finish it in time for tomorrow. Ugh ... why can't I plan ahead like a normal person?

... The weather is SOO nice outside. All I want to do is go hiking. Instead I'm stuck inside studying.

... I officially ran out of toilet paper this morning. Again, maybe if I didn't procrastinate so much this wouldn't be an issue. Must run to Target.

... It was so nice to have Charlie home yesterday. Aside from having a buddy around to split stupid house chores with I really missed him.

... I really with people would stop asking us if we're going to have kids and how many kids we're planning on having. I also really wish that people would stop giving their opinion about it. If I had $1 for every time someone said, "You can't have just one. You have to at least have 2." I'd be a rich woman. Well maybe not rich ... but I'd have enough money to buy the quilt I want. I just don't understand it. First of all, you can have just one kid. They are not something that generally comes as a set, like boobs. And second of all, why do you feel like this decision is something that you should be a part of?


Emily said...

Lol, love the dress story. Have you checked out I got my rehearsal dinner dress there last year and loved it.

And I'm with you on the kids thing. We've got it from all angles "You should be married at least 5 years before you have kids"(MIL) and "You better start now, you never know how long it could take"(my mom) and on and on and on. I finally had to tell my MIL to stop telling me what to do with my uterus.

Emily said...

Actually, that would be

Taryn said...

I am sorry to hear about the J Crew Dresses. Darn. I hope you find on you like. (Maybe you should have kept the bootylicious one! = ) )

Thanks for the good study vibes- they totally worked! I am sending more your way today. Good luck!