Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The story of Love Part 2: The year of no money

So, when we last left off I had just given Dunkin, otherwise known as Chunky Monkey, credit for C and I finally getting together. But before we could live happily ever after we had to get through some rough times.

our first pic as a couple.

First, we were the poorest people ever. C was in school with a year left to go and living off of student loans. I had just moved off campus to live and work in a vet clinic because my rent was free there. We felt like we were livin' it up when we ate at TCBY or split a 6 pack of Miller Light. Oh who am I kidding? We were in college. We split a 12 pack.

In our first year together we were pretty stressed out people. I barely got a night of sleep because my "free rent deal" meant that I was up with sick animals all night long. I was also still taking classes and applying for PA school once I realized that I didn't want to make $9/hour the rest of my life. C was taking as many classes as possible, trying to graduate, and realizing that engineering classes only got harder as the years went on.

Our lives might be a lot more comfortable now, but despite having no money, working crap jobs, and not having any idea where we'd be in a year, we had SO much fun that year. It's one of the reasons why I love the boy ... we can have nothing and do nothing and still have the best time.

Since we had no money we started looking for things to do that were free, which is how we got into hiking. I had been hiking since I was a kid and we started doing it a lot more. We even got Dunkin his own backback.

Cupid on one of our free adventures.

As the year went on we eventually became less poor. I moved out of the vet clinic and started working at a Dermatology office. Charlie passed all of his classes. We both kept looking for actual careers, and then ............ [part 3]

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