Friday, March 13, 2009

Springtime shopping...

Ahhh, Anthropologie, how I love you so. If I had all the money in the world (or maybe just a little more than I actually do) then I'd be shopping at you a lot more.

I am on the hunt for a quilt for our bed. We have a duvet that we use in the winter but it's too hot in the summer especially because I refuse to turn on the a.c. Yes, you heard right, I'd rather sweat all day and night long than turn on the air conditioning. Poor C ... at least he knows what he's getting himself into. Anyway ... we have a lot of blues in our room so I've been looking for something with blue in it but nothing that says "this is your mother's Laura Ashley bedspread" (read: I hate florals).

So I've been looking at C&B, PB, BB&B, Target, and everywhere else ... which led me to check out Anthropologie where I found a whole bunch of things that I want:

Check out these cool measuring bowls. I think I'd be spending a lot more time in the kitchen if I had these babies to measure with. Eh, probably not but I still think they're cool.
How cool is this bowl? Way too cool to actually put anything in.
I found this quilt which I love. It's even reversible so if you get tired of one set of colors you can switch to another. It's a little too funky for C though. It might take some serious convincing (and a price reduction).
And these coasters would be perfect for spring. I can just picture myself using one to rest my margarita/corona/mojito on. :)
In case you didn't notice everything I picked out is a springy color. I am definitely ready to say goodbye to winter, snow, ice, and wind. I'm ready to plant some flowers, get a hammock, and spend a lot of time soaking up some sun.

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