Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's the little things ...


... a long walk, in the sun, on the first really warm day of the year.
... food in the fridge.
... chocolate.
... waking up to dogs that have already been walked and the smell of coffee.
... rain in the forecast!
... coming home to a hug from my favorite person in the world.
... cold diet dr. pepper.
... sleeping on my sleepy dog.
... REI dividends. can you say, free stuff?!
... finding lakes in Colorado.
... knowing that we can move anywhere that we want to and that there's no pressure to pick a place any time soon.
... opening the windows.
... trees that actually drop their leaves for the winter.


♥Mrs. V said...

beautiful list and that picture is amazing!

Taryn said...

the weather is nice today- good for open windows . . . but where did you find a lake?

Anonymous said...

We found a few up in Longmont. Nothing too big, but they stock them with bass and you can canoe and kayak in them.