Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's the little things ...


notice the light bulb sticking out of the top? classy. :)

... the boy getting back from a long trip away. [not so happy he's gone again]
... getting our wedding invites in the mail.
... watching things get bought up off our registries. [I feel like a greedy, ungrateful brat for saying this but it really does make me happy and I really am thankful for the gifts.]
... reading a book that finally I can agree with.
... warm weather which means that C will now come for walks with me.
... my kitten who refuses to let me sleep without him.
... watching dogs dream.
... a long, hot bubble bath.
... finally buying lamps for our bedroom [even though I got the wrong lightbulbs].
... country top-40 countdown.
... seeing a kick-ass sunrise.
... coffee and bagel sandwiches from our favorite place.
... family owned businesses.
... a nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
... discovering How I Met Your Mother and watching it via Netflix.
... my presentation getting pushed back 3 weeks!
... class field-trips that involve breweries.
... taking the dogs swimming this weekend.
... going home and getting to see all my friends and family in less then a month!
... one day 'till spring break. [unfortunately I will not be jetting off to Mexico to spend an entire week drinking.]
... puppies. especially ones that I can play with but don't have to train.


Taryn said...

I am sorry C is gone again. (I understand about the registry- it is nice to know stuff is coming! - Especially because we usually NEED it when we get married! = ) )

Julie said...

How I Met Your Mother is the best show ever! R buys me a new DVD season every Christmas and this year I made him watch them from the beginning with me. He's hooked!