Saturday, March 14, 2009

My untrained dog.

I've mentioned that my dog is crazy and gets a little out of control at times. I swear he could run all day long and never get tired. There are days that he gets to prove this to me, but lately since the weather's been so cold (for my standards at least) he's been cooped inside a lot.

Two days ago I was letting the dogs run around the field behind us before I left for school and this woman came walking up with her dog. Henry immediately ran up to her and then grabbed her dog's leash in his teeth and yanked it out of her hands. I wanted to crawl into a prairie dog hole and die. I gave her the leash back as Henry ran off and stuck his head down a prairie dog hole. Great. Let's just hope there's no bubonic plague in that field. I've contemplated signing him up for obedience training but the problem is that he really does know everything I just need to work with him more. Hopefully with the warmer weather coming up I'll get off my lazy butt and work on some training.

However, what he lacks in training I think he makes up for in cuteness.
Can you believe my mother thinks he's part pittie?

Yes, this is how he sleeps. Not the most modest of pups.

Look how polite he is.
Yep, he used all of those to yank the leash from that woman's hands. She had no chance.

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