Friday, March 6, 2009

There are days...


i think they miss the beach, too.

... when I miss Maryland like crazy. I miss:

... my friends.
... the beach.
... I even miss the stupid traffic.
... trees.
... fields and fields of corn.
... the bay.
... seafood.
... our annual Memorial Day beach trip (and 4th of July, and Labor Day, and all the random ones in between).
... homes with shutters.
... hills.
... teeny, tiny mountains.
... family. Like crazy.
... real, wood burning fireplaces.
... teaching. so, so much.
... bonfires.
... route 50.
... my sister, my mom. and of course, my dad.
... watching the beavers.
... D.C.
... being able to watch the Terps on t.v. (when they're not sucking).
... people who know what a Terp is.
... humidity.
... rainy days. oh so much.

Most of the time I'm so glad we moved. Sometimes I miss home like crazy. I think about moving back even though I know C would never go for it. Anyone else get homesick every once in a while?


Emily said...

I feel you. I long for a day when I live by the beach. When we go back to visit B's family in Maryland I'm just heartsick for a house on the shore - but not for the humidity that causes my wavy/straight hair to go nuts. In the meantime, there are a lot of "east coast wannabe" houses here in CO - we live in one - shutters, clapboard shingles, cape cod grey - the whole shebang. I'll take what I can get for now.

Taryn said...

I am sorry. I feel you, too. Especially yesterday for some reason. Why did you guys move here? Will you ever move back? When we moved here, I thought we would stay here forever, but I have since changed my mind!! I still have to wait a few years- but I am pretty sure we will make it back to MN sometime. I am trying to love CO- but you know. I am sorry you were homesick.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! We moved for school for me and a job for C. It's doubtful that we'll leave unless he gets a transfer. I like it a lot out here but there are definitely days when I just miss home and family. I guess Friday was just one of those days ... :)