Monday, March 30, 2009


Dear Mother Nature,
It is SPRING! You know, the season where it rains, not snows and flowers bloom, birds chirp, and temperatures warm up. I get that we had a warm winter. However, it was still winter and I am over it. If you could pretty please work on bringing some spring weather to Colorado I'd love you forever.

P.S. That last storm was kinda cool. But lets save the next one for next year.

Dear slackers,
You suck. No seriously. Asking me to do your work because you were on vacation and I "already did the research" is just not cool. I'm guessing that the reason you think the work "would be better done by me" is because you just don't feel like doing it.

Dear plug-in-the-wall,
Please stop breaking all of my stuff. TVs and DVD players are not cheap.

Dear friends and family,
I cannot wait to see you all soon!

Dear North Face,
Thank you for making ridiculously warm clothing. I promise to keep you in business.

A little motivation for mother nature. Two things spring needs: rain & flowers.


mollyandmarshal said...

Ha! I love all your letters to respective things/people. I would agree with you on the Mother Nature issue. It's time for warm weather!

Taryn said...

cute post!