Sunday, August 19, 2012

a perfect saturday.

First time sticking her toes in the sand.

yesterday was the perfect saturday.  
i got some things done in the morning.  charlie even took avery with him when he ran some errands (a first!) so i had 45 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time.  it is amazing the things i can get done when there's no baby in my arms or napping in her crib so i feel like i have to tiptoe around the house.  

we then met some friends at the reservoir which we hadn't been to all summer long.  considering we went just about every week last summer the dogs were much overdue for a trip.  they had a blast swimming and torturing anyone they could find with a tennis ball.  avery dipped her toes in the reservoir and spent some time hanging out with charlie on the tube.  and then she ate and passed out in my arms for a two hour nap.  when she woke up everyone slowly started to leave but we outlasted everyone.  the weather was absolutely perfect.  warm enough for a day in the water but cool enough that you felt like fall might be coming soon.  

we finally left so that we could make it home in time to feed avery, give her a bath, and put her to bed.  she was in the best mood ever.  i almost didn't want to interrupt her playing time to feed her.  charlie cooked some steaks while i put avery to sleep and then we opened a bottle of wine, ate dinner, and watched the broncos play.  

oh, and avery got to experience sand for the first time.  she was fine with standing on it but was not at all into grabbing it like the rest of the kids.  charlie said 'ugh, please don't be that kind of girl' but i'd be happy to have a clean girl who's not interested in shoving sand in her mouth. 

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