Thursday, August 30, 2012



one of my favorite things to do with avery is read books.  luckily thanks to the very large collection that we inherited from my parents we have a huge amount of books to choose from.  i'm loving the board books right now because avery loves to grab things and chew on them and the board books can stand up to much more than the regular ones.  her favorite books right now are the ones with the 'peek-a-boo' flaps.  we read this one book every day called where is your nose? which goes through the different parts of your face.  avery knows exactly where each flap is and folds them down as we read through the book.  the last page is a mirror and she always smushes her face against it as soon as we get to that page.  i hope that the more we read during these early days, the more she'll want to read as she grows older.  charlie's not big with books and i'd love to have a good excuse to ready the harry potter and little house on the prairie series again.      

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