Sunday, August 12, 2012

and then my husband came home ...

charlie was gone all last week and when he got home on friday i was so, so happy to see him.  
i think i sometimes take for granted all of the things he does around here, even the little things like running to get a towel when i'm giving avery a bath and i forgot to grab one.  anyway, whenever he returns from a trip it's always a nice reminder of how nice it is just having him here.  i have gotten really spoiled with the both of us working mostly from home.  on the days when i go into the office or he's gone all day i really miss him.  we've been trying to mix our weekends with both fun things and house things so that we don't go crazy.  last weekend we took a trip up to a splash pool with some friends and avery had a blast in the pool.  this weekend we spent hours shopping at the mall for work cloths for charlie which is never really that fun, but it's so much better when you don't have to do it alone. 

1.  having a good time on night after dinner.
2.  we got a couch for the living room!
3.  driving home through 'the country'.
4.  looking to dunkin for crawling advice.

1.  oh, the eyes.
2.  charlie brought home presents. 
3.  morning snuggles with ollie.  these never last long.
4.  overalls. :)

1.  cornfields always make me miss md. 
2.  the grumpy face.
3.  yogurt is delicious.
4.  a nap!

1.  hanging out on a friday night. i love hanging out with my two favorite people.
2.  amazing filets and avery's first taste of meat.  she loved it.
3.  a sink bath.
4.  she turns the pages now!

1.  pictures that are actually facing the right direction.  at least one wall has something on it.
2.  avery on the 'reading couch'.
3.  love her.
4.  waiting for dad to come home on the front porch.

1.  in the middle of a bunch of animals.  i think she likes it.
2.  playing ball with dunking one evening.  she thought it was hysterical when i kicked the ball to him and laughed for about 20 minutes straight. 
3.  so happy when we're not working. :)
4.  she wants to crawl so bad!

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Taryn said...

OMG- you have a baby?! and a house?! Congratulations!!!!!! Adorable family.