Tuesday, August 28, 2012

sleep (or lack thereof).


as a complete generalization when it comes down to charlie and i as parents, i'm the one with more patience.  when avery was but a little baby charlie was the one who would hand her off to me when she was crying and he couldn't get her to sleep. and when she wakes up for the third time in the middle of the night i'm the one who goes to get her, while charlie's putting a pillow over his head and rolling over. however, last night my baby woke up at 11 pm and didn't go back until 4 am.  yes, she was up for 5 straight hours.  i'm positive that she was teething and was just in too much pain to be able to fall back asleep.  i was up with her until 2:30 when charlie came in her room while i was attempting to rock a screaming child and switched with me.  around 3 we brought her back into our bed, charlie put a song on his iPhone (the same one we played over and over at the hospital when she was born) and after a while she finally fell asleep on my chest.  

and i have to admit that he was the calm and patient one last night.  after 3 and a half hours of missed sleep i had lost all of my patience and he was the calm one.  thanks charlie.  thanks for being calm and rational because by 3 am all i wanted was sleep.  

i know that these days won't last forever.  and i know that as much as i would love to fast forward to the nights when she's sleeping through the night, there's so many other things that i'll miss about this phase she's in.  i love those snuggles (when she finally does fall asleep), and the way she immediately rolls over on her stomach when i put her down in the crib and shoves her hands under her so that she sleeps in the fetal position.  i love how she reaches for my hands when she's playing on the floor because she wants to stand up and practice walking and how she claps her hands when i say 'yay'.  i love watching her screech with delight when she sees charlie for the first time in the morning and the way she starts looking around when i ask her where the cat is.  reading books with her and watching her turn pages and flip flaps is still pretty amazing as is the way she scrunches her nose up when she thinks something's really funny.  i know the sleep will come one day (soon, hopefully) but i don't want to wish everything away too fast because before we know it she'll be asking to borrow the car for a date and we'll be forced to explain to her that she won't be dating or driving until she's 25.   


Emily said...

That's the best thing about having two parents, huh? When one of you wants to just break down, the other one steps in. Thank goodness. Hope Avery does better tonight - for all of your sakes!

Talk to me about where to buy girl clothes. Avery always looks adorable but all I see are "daddy's little princess" onesies in the stores and I just can't go there.

Emily Silver said...

What's the song???

Danielle said...

Em - it's like this 8 bar lullaby from a free white noise app. Quite repetitive.

Emily - gap, on, and target mostly. Most of the stuff is second hand from once upon a child or the boulder kids sale. It's nearly impossible to find girls clothes so I often shop the boys section. Good thing you can recycle some of T's stuff that's gender neutral.