Thursday, August 2, 2012

lately ...


charlie's been out of town this week but thankfully things have gone better than the last time he left.  i haven't cooked any meals but the house isn't a huge disaster, i've been walking every afternoon, and we're all still alive.  i consider this a success.  

1.  haha.  the eyes kill me in this picture.
2.  a very hot walk.
3.  an ice cream stealing baby.
4.  oh hi ma! i read books.
5.  i take back what i said about her skipping crawling.  i now think she'll do it.
6.  standing up!
7.  we do silly things.
8.  henry on rabbit lookout and toby making good use of the only curtains in the house.
9.  more book reading.
10.  oh wait, MORE book reading.
11.  she can hold her own bottle!  (apparently she's been doing this for a while but still, this shocks me)
12.  give me food now!
13.  hobby lobby 50% off glass sale!
14.  putting that glass to good use = organizing baby food.
15.  the day after a smashed face.  still smiling.  
16.  up, up,  up!
17.  lounging with the dog.
18.  a beer! (this one is so old)
19.  hanging out with dunks.  how many animals do you spy?
20.  i thought i saw a tooth in this one.  i didn't.  
21.  i made her wear my headband after she kept trying to eat it.  
22.  okay maybe she doesn't read the books.
23.  upside down avery.
24.  sigh.  she's getting so big.  

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Kat said...

You are both exceedingly adorable and if I don't see you soon I might just have to drive up to give hugs without warning because I can't go much longer without hugging all of you (you, A, Charlie and your fur babies). You have been warned ;)