Monday, August 27, 2012

life update.

and then avery got bopped in the face.  she thought it was hilarious.

the title of this post is a bit dramatic but the bottom line is that we survived last week.  it was one of those weeks that feel like they're going to last forever, like you're stuck in a series of wednesdays with no hope for a friday in sight.  things with work were really busy for me. i put in a lot of extra hours and a significant amount of those were in the office, which meant i missed avery like crazy when i was gone.  i swear some days i don't know how work-away-from-home mom's do it.  when i'm gone all day the precious hour or two that i have when i get home from work before avery goes to bed is reserved for hanging out with her and doing absolutely nothing productive whatsoever.  we've been pretty behind on the grocery shopping and cleaning the house front.  we even ran out of dog food thursday night and were forced to feed henry milkbones for breakfast on friday (not that he minded).  all i had in mind for this weekend was putting the house back in some sort of normal order, restocking the fridge so that scrambled eggs weren't our only option for dinner and maybe watching a movie with charlie.  we crashed pretty hard on friday night.  i think both charlie and i were asleep by 9.    anyway, i'm hoping we have a bit more balance this coming week and maybe a home cooked meal or two that doesn't involve eggs.  

it's weeks like this that i'm very, very grateful for my current work situation.  i definitely do not take the time i have with my daughter for granted but i think sometimes i forget just how much i miss her face when i'm away from her all day.  thankfully those days are pretty few and when they do come up i know she and charlie are getting some good time together.  i even get the occasional picture and video sent my way, which always makes my day.   

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The Michelle Show said...

Omgosh I FEEL you on those kinds of weeks! The last 10 days or so was madness for us and it felt never ending. Its really calmed down now and I finally feel like we are all normal again but while we were in it? damn.