Saturday, August 18, 2012

it's the little things ...


...  the way that avery wiggles her toes when she's in the stroller.
...  when the cats are in for the night before it gets dark.
...  getting texts and pictures from my dad.  getting an iphone was the best decision ever. :)
... when i'm at work and charlie sends me a picture of avery.
...  when avery wakes up only once in the middle of the night.
...  hanging out on the deck on a friday night as a family.
...  walks with my three (sometimes four) favorite people/animals.
...  taking a shower without a screaming baby in the bathroom.
...  when i leave the room and avery doesn't scream bloody murder.
... 2 hour naps.  
...  making a new dinner and actually having it be something good.
...  grilling out 90% of our meals.
...  grocery shopping with charlie.  and avery too, of course.
...  facetime.
...  watching avery eat cheese. so  cute.
... and drink out of a straw for the first time.
...  when she get's in her really happy moods and laughs at everything and screams for no reason at all.
...  how good ollie is with her.
...  and dunkin and henry, too.  toby's learned to run away.
...  watching an entire movie.
...  when charlie comes home and i wasn't expecting to see him.
...  going to the pool.  i never thought i would say that.
...  a clean house.
...  when all the diapers are clean.
...  cool mornings.
...  opening the windows.
...  holding a sleeping baby.
...  when the sleeping baby stays asleep as i put her down and leave the room.
...  when charlie puts avery to sleep.
...  getting sleep myself.  sleep is a very big thing around here.
...  emails. non-work related.


Abby said...

I second sleeping babies, gentle pets and emails. Ok actually everything in this post. Except your dad. I dony get texts from him.

The Michelle Show said...

I definitely feeling you on a lot of these, especially the random bursts of baby screaming excitment over nothing. Like dude I wish I could get that amped over a baby cracker.