Wednesday, August 8, 2012

oh henry.


my poor sweet dog.  henry's been having some issues lately. charlie thinks that he hates this house or is scared of something here.  basically, he goes through these phases where he starts to freak out and follows us so closely around the house so that he's not happy unless he's physically touching us.  if you're standing in the kitchen he either wants to be standing between your legs or smashed against you.  it's the strangest thing because some day's he's his usual lazy, lounge around the house and sleep all day self and then other times it's like he can't just chill out.  i've wondered if it has something to do with the afternoon thunderstorms that we've had, because they haven't been all that crazy this year but he seems pretty sensitive to the change in pressure.  but sometimes he'll be freaking out even when there's no real change in the weather.  i've also wondered if he just feels a little jealous sometimes, because he definitely get's fewer belly rubs than he did before avery came along.  but i really don't think that's it either.  walks seem to help him and there are some days when he's completely fine and then other's when he just wants to be extra close to us.  he's an odd dog.  i've been walking a bit more lately and trying to find more time to pet him, even if it's when i'm playing with avery on the floor.


feel better soon henry.  and thanks for still being so sweet while you're freaking out.

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