Thursday, August 2, 2012

dog + baby.




i'm not sure yet what this equals but for right now they're slightly more than tolerating each other's existance.  i was a little worried about how henry would do with a baby.  he loves kids but he can get a little excited and rough when he wants to play.  also, i've seen him with puppies and he just about bites their heads off because he has no tolerance for their puppy antics.  but honestly, he's been amazing.  he's patient, beyond tolerant, and oh so gentle.  and avery loves him.  he's the only animal that sleeps in our room and in the mornings when avery wakes up and starts to hear him get up she'll start looking around for him.  and she LOVES when he sniffs her.  weird but true.  i hope they continue to love each other, especially as she gets older and starts to move around more.  i also hope we're able to teach her some boundaries so that he doesn't feel like a jungle gym.

thanks for being so good to my baby, henry.  

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Emily said...

Lol, I love this stage of the dog baby relationship. Casco REALLY loved Thomas between months 10 - 15, when he was dropping lots of food to him, but not yet confident enough in his mobility to torture him. Poor Casco only goes near T when he's sleeping now!