Wednesday, August 1, 2012





avery's just getting to the age where she can start to play some games.  charlie's especially good at making up games with her and she catches on pretty quick and finds them hysterical.  if i leave them alone for any period of time the chances are they're either playing one of their 'old' games or making up a new one.  

peek-a-boo has been a favorite for a while.  her favorite way to play it is if you move out of her sight and then call her name, she'll start to look for you, and then when you pop back to wherever she can see you she starts laughing.  she also likes the 'where's avery?' game (em, sorta like: where's the baby from ice age but she doesn't get scared).  if you cover her with a pillow or a blanket and then say 'avery, where are you?' she'll pull off the blanket or the pillow so you can 'find' her.  i swear we're not suffocating her.  she also loves if you smell her feet and then say "pee-ew".  

she also loves looking at herself in mirrors.  every since she we took this mirror off of her play mat she's loved playing with it.  she'll smash her face right up against it then pull back and do it all again, sort of like she's playing peek-a-boo with herself.  she's at such a fun age right now, i just can't but help loving all of the time i get to spend with her.  i feel so lucky to be able to see all of these little moments and stages that she's cruising through so quickly these days.      

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Emily Silver said...

Ahh! I love it. So glad you're not scaring her with "Where's Avery"... then again, you're not a saber-toothed tiger.