Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 in Review

So I haven't been blogging long.... but I noticed a lot of people did this and I liked the idea. 2008 was a big year for us. I scrapbook (1 per year usually) and this one was a BIG one. So... here's what we did in '08.

The year started off well. I was employed (always a plus) and in a job that actually had potential. We celebrated our 3 year anniversary (of dating) in February along with Valentines Day (usually kind of a package deal).
yay, roses.
In March we took a trip out to Colorado during my spring break (woo-hoo teaching). We loved the area and talked about moving if I got into grad school.
our first time in colorado.
In April, Charlie's sister got married (yay). They had an awesome wedding and we had a blast. I also found out that I got accepted into the University of Colorado Denver and we decided to move as long as Charlie found a job. Oh, we also got engaged the week before his sister's wedding. I always think it happened later because we didn't tell anyone until after the wedding.
us at the wedding.
In June we had our engagement party, Charlie had a promising job interview, and I had my last day teaching :(.
yes, we had face-cake at our engagement party.
July was our last beach trip. I'll love you forever, Assateague Island.
In August we convinced our family and friends to help us pack and load a Uhaul (haha suckers) and we road-tripped it to Colorado. (I make it sound more glamourous than it really was.) 30 hours of driving and staying in a Motel 6 with two dogs, a cat while our 'neighbors' ran around screaming and banging on the walls all night, wasn't too fun. Oh, I also got a part-time job. Not fun.
in case you're wondering, this is what I-70 looks like the whole way through Kansas.
September was my 25th birthday. (Damn I'm old)
Henry and I in Boulder on my birthday.
October, Charlie's parent's came to visit.
we drove up Trail Ridge road with the C's 'rents.
In November, my dad came to visit. I also took a suprise trip home (because driving out here wasn't fun enough the first time) when I helped a friend move back east.

Decmeber was Twilight .... no seriously, I also quit my job and started looking for a new one, we added Ollie to our family, my mom and sister came out to visit, and we celebrated Charlie's 26th birthday (he's REALLY old), and Xmas.

Al with Ollie and Dunkin.
happy b-day, c!

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