Saturday, January 3, 2009

All things learned in '08

Yes, I should make New Year's resolutions. I'll get to them eventually. But when I started thinking about things I wanted to do in '09 it made me think of all the things I learned in '08:

1. Backpacking in the cold is not fun. Technically I should have learned this in 2006 when I went backpacking with 3 guys (stupid decision #1) in the middle of march and spent the whole trip shivering in my sleeping bag at night and being left behind during the day. But no, I decided that a backpacking trip was a great way to kick off the new year. Between the rain/snow, shivering wet dogs, and waking up to chewed off deer legs outside our tent I have decided that I am a SUMMER backpacking kinda girl.
2. Cats can jump off 3 story balconies. But, they can't jump back up.
3. My dog is fast enough to catch a bird. But he doesn't know what to do with them once he has them. Lesson learned: Put dog on leash around moving prey.
4. 9th grade students have learned everything they know about sex, STDs, and birth control from watching movies. Knocked Up, Mean Girls, and Sex and the City do not adequately educate 14 year olds about these topics.
5. Roadtrips across the country are best done with out Uhaul trucks. They tend to slow you down. Also, I-70 is very boring. Very boring.
6. Looking in your rearview mirror while backing up does not necessarily prevent you from hitting something. If you happen to hit something, MAKE SURE TO PUT YOUR CAR IN PARK BEFORE GETTING OUT TO ASSESS THE DAMAGE. It's very difficult to jump back in a moving car and slam on your brakes.
7. When moving always hire movers*.
8. Not working is not as fun as it sounds. Oh sure, the first 3 days of sleeping in, mindless surfing of the internet, and watching of daytime television are great but then you realize that this is not much different from work except you have no paycheck.
9. When painting furniture, 'bright and bold' is not necessarily the best option.
10. Cats are not like potato chips. You can have just one and they cause a lot less trouble when they're not part of a package deal.

*an exception to the rule is if family members/super-strong friends can stand in as movers.

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