Thursday, January 8, 2009

and the answer is: NO Kona :(

Don't worry for all of you who are thinking right now how crazy I am.  I didn't pick not going.  It just so happens that the company policy about spouses actually being married was not one of those that's "really more of a guideline than a rule".  It's a rule, hard and fast.  So while I could make this a rant about how close minded it is in today's society to define a serious relationship by an institution that in most states still does not allow homosexuals to 'join', I won't.  Although I will say that I do think it's a little old-fashioned.  I mean what about people who just don't believe in marriage, people who chose to share their lives, live together, etc. but don't want to go through the whole "til death do us part" bit.  Does this mean that their relationship is any less special?  Less meaningful?  Are they less committed? And in today's society with divorce rates as high as they are, does marriage really mean what it used to?  I think my beef with the whole thing is also the fact that we are getting married.  Less than two months after the trip.  What if I bring a letter from my minster?  Can I come now?  

Now that I'm done whining about how I'll be spending March in the snow, time to move on.  I was googling some quote for Charlie that he was looking for and I came upon those demotivational posters. I have to admit, the cynic in me loves them.  I think this one was my favorite.  It took me back to my college days when people like this roamed the bars, thinking they were cool.  I considered it my personal mission in life to assure them that they weren't.  


Anonymous said...

wow... its like theyre on the side deck at Stone... little do they know youre on the very edge of the frame just waiting to sneak up behind him and just CUT his collars off...

... and youre right. C's company is retarded.

Anonymous said...

that actually does remind me of the side deck. which made me think of the time that henry peed all over it. :) maybe that's why dogs aren't usually allowed in bars.