Monday, January 5, 2009

South Boulder trail

This is my favorite trail. Favorite.
Charlie hates this trail with a passion, so I usually hike this one alone.
I really don't mind. When it's just me and the dogs it's a lot more relaxing.
My parents like this trail, though. So we took them just on the South Boulder section.
The snow on the mountains is awesome. I think it would make a great Christmas card. Maybe for next year.

seriously, how pretty is this?

Dunkin dog
dunkin was running back and forth between everyone.
henry left everyone in the dust.

i had such a good time with these guys when they were here.
my sister missed this hike because she was studying for the SATS. booo.

charlie was playing with the camera.
my dad was throwing snowballs at me.


how cute is this face?
how can you not love this?

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