Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Yes, I just did this for Facebook but I thought it could double as a blog post:

1. I have to start my day off with coffee. 2 cups actually, and it has to have sugar and cream in it. Yes, i know this means carbs and fat grams. I'll survive.
2. I hate cities and I hate TV shows that romanticize the idea of living in them.
3. I love where we live.
4. I have an unnatural hate for prairie dogs. C thinks they're adorable but they annoy me, a lot, especially when they sit at the tops of their holes and taunt me.
5. Teaching taught me a lot more than I thought it could. It's my favorite job that I've had so far, and that's saying a lot.
6. I overanalyze my life.
7. I hate cooking. Hate it. Although I realize that it's necessary. Which is why when I look at a recipe I refuse to think about making it if it will take more than 30 minutes.
8. Since moving to Colorado I have not successfully baked anything. I'm blaming it on the altitude.
9. Hiking with my dogs is my favorite thing to do in the world.
10. I hate crowded hiking trails. I hike to get away from people!
11. I am an environmental science major. This does not mean that I want to join Greenpeace or move to Canada to save the caribou.
12. During our engagement pictures we got in the fountain at UMD and all I could think about was all the diseases that I was getting.
13. I think Henry is the goofiest dog in the world. He can always make me laugh.
14. I used to change the fat containers during liposuction at one of my jobs.
15. I re-read books multiple times. I'm not talking once or twice, I'm talking 10-20.
16. I really miss trees.
17. I listen to songs over and over and over. Right now it's Jack Johnson's "Better Together".
18. I hate when people have little dogs and refuse to train them because "they're little".
19. I have a slight obsession with the color red, pictures, and cleaning the kitchen.
20. I rode horses for 10 years and I still miss it every day.
21. I used to camp at the Outer Banks every year with my dad during the off season. It's still my favorite place in the world.
22. I hate driving in the snow.
23. I'm not changing my name when we get married and I don't think that makes me a bad person.
24. I clean our apartment all the time but my car is another story. I think there's even dog hair on the ceiling.
25. I drink beer in the summer and wine in the winter. Except when I miss beer too much and drink it anyway. I'd drink it year round but I get too cold in the winter. I'm a cheap date.

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