Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Finally Friday ...

First week of School:

, so first of all I was so excited to be going back to school. It's something I always knew I had to do, even if I kept teaching, and I was really excited to be able to get a degree in something I'm interested in as opposed to something that wouldn't have been terribly useful to me. Just a few things I've learned my first week back:

1. It's expensive! These are the first classes that I've taken since I got my bachelor's that weren't at a community college or that I wasn't reimbursed for. Let's just say that out of state tuition at a university is no joke. My bank account hates me right now.
2. The books that you have to read usually aren't that interesting. Ok, maybe interesting isn't the right word; they are interesting just not attention grabbing. I'm a science major, reading about the economy is tedious for me!
3. I am so glad that I took some time to work before going back. I feel like I've grown up in a lot of different ways and I definitely have life experiences that should help me.

All in all, it's good (and a little scary) to be a student again.
On another note, here are my adorable animals proving that cats and dogs can love each other. (Or at least co-exist peacefully).

The original crew soaking up the sun.

Aren't they the cutest? I'd like to think that they lay together because they love each other so much. In reality it's the best sun spot in the morning. Notice that Henry is way to busy and important to have time to lay around in the sun all day. He's probably off destroying a toy somewhere.
The difference between men and women (or maybe just me and C):

I went on a small cleaning spree today and as I was cleaning the kitchen Charlie comes out and looks at me:
C: What are you doing?
D: Cleaning the kithen.
C: Why?
D:'s dirty?!
C: No it isn't. I wiped the counters down last week.

Although I can't complain about him not cleaning. He cleans the bathrooms (thank you Lord) and splits the vacuuming and kitty litter with me.
And lastly our heat wave has officially ended which Mother Nature celebrated with some snow. I guess I'll have to wait until spring for some more 60 degree weather. :(

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