Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's the little things [Maryland Style]

I took zero pictures back home but this picture was taken in MD.

... walking on the C&O canal. One of my favorite places.
... eating lunch alfresco with my mom & then wandering around neighborhoods.
... reading a book outside [When I should have been studying.]
... tiger lilies in bloom.
... sleeping on a plane. makes the trip so much faster.
... coffee & The Washington Post in the morning with my dad.
... reading for hours before going to bed.
... seafood on the grill.
... fresh pesto made from basil grown in the garden.
... dessert & tea every night.
... breakfast at an old spot with a good friend.
... driving the same car I learned how to drive in.
... cornfields on the eastern shore.
... blueberry pies.
... berries for breakfast.
... Rio Grande Cafe. Best fajitas ever. And their margaritas aren't bad, either.
... National Velvet. The novel.
... re-reading books I read as a kid.
... grilled carrots.
... just hanging out with family

It was a good trip back east. Now ... back to reality.


Mrs. McB said...

Sounds like a blast! I love so many of those things!

Emily said...

Um, I have basil overflowing in my backyard. I always plant more than I can handle. You can walk your dogs on the trail between our houses and just steal some out of my backyard while I'm at work - I'll never know the difference :) Your life back East sounds like my dream life.