Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh, summer

So many things to do, so little time. During the rest of the summer I will:

... fly home, yet again, for a small trip to see the fam. Not the original plan but nonrefundable tickets will make you rethink your plans & take what you can get.

... Pack up our apartment. *sigh* Charlie told me he doesn't want to pack until the week before we move because he doesn't want to live in a house full of boxes. Considering the fact that I packed everything last year when we had half the amount of stuff I can't imagine trying to pack in that time. However, I don't feel like arguing about it.

... Study & take the PLACE exam. Lucky for me the day of the exam is the day we're moving & I can't really change either dates. August 1st is going to be a rough day for me.

... Hike this baby. Truth be told, I'm scared to death of hiking it. I'd much rather do a 14er summit that's 6 miles round trip instead of 26. Then I think of the people who run this marathon. Crazy.

... I want to see 500 Days of Summer. I hardly ever go to the movies & friends of ours got us some movie passes when we watched their dogs. I think it's a good excuse to go. The soundtrack to this looks really good, too.

... Sadly, I will not be visiting the beach at all. First summer ever to not see the ocean. I think even the dogs are sad about that. They love the beach as much as I do.


I have to live vicariously through our former beach trips.
Please notice the Dunkin' Donuts coffee next to me. We used to stop there before heading to the beach in the morning. They would always give us donut holes for the pups.


mollyandmarshal said...

It's too bad we don't live near each other, although my husband would give anything to move to Colorado. Hiking with our dog AND Dunkin Donuts coffee happens to be a few of our favorite things!

Taryn said...

I am sorry about the ocean thing- and that august 1st is going to be a very rough day! Good luck!