Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding Recap: Details

The last wedding post. Don't lie, I know you're a little sad. Here are all of the things I forgot to mention in the other posts. Most of these things meant absolutely nothing to anyone there but a lot to us.

Here's my dress and I have to be honest, I never had "that feeling" that you're supposed to get when you try on a dress. I knew I wanted something white, light, and not pouffy. I did like this dress as soon as I tried it on but I didn't get all sad or weepy. I think my exact words were "eh, I like this one and I don't feel like trying on any more. Let's just get it." I will say that I had to get my dad's approval before officially deciding on it. Once he okay'd it, I was good to go.


Our colors were somewhat of a controversy and they basically were built off of my bouquet. When I was little every Valentine's Day my dad used to bring my mom home a dozen red roses. He would also always bring a pink one for me and a yellow one for my sister. I knew I wanted my bouquet to be red, pink, and yellow roses ... for our family. Then Charlie decided he wanted to wear a yellow tie and my mother talked me out of red or yellow bridesmaid dresses, so pink it was. I let our florist do whatever she wanted with the bridesmaid bouquets. She did try really hard to talk me out of my bouquet but I refused to budge.


Our cake was a carrot cake. Yum! Seriously, I love carrot cake. So does Charlie. It was definitely not the sturdiest thing but it tasted so good! Definitely worth the giant crack in it.


I made our table numbers out of pictures of the dogs. Oddly they were the most popular thing. Everyone wanted to know if they could take them home and at the end of the night they were all gone. Not really sure why people wanted pictures of someone else's dog but I'm glad they were a hit.


Our centerpieces were another thing that I really loved. We wanted something that people could take home and plant and that wouldn't die in a few days. We did small pots of miniature roses and ivy mixed together and most of those disappeared, too. My parents took the remainder home and planted them in pots.


And that's it ... all the random details you never knew you wanted to know about our wedding.


Emily said...

Well, I have that feeling about your dress! It's gorgeous. Love the table numbers, and I love the sentiment behind your bouquet. It's gorgeous!

Taryn said...

Your dress is gorgeous. Very much.

I thought about carrot cake- I can't remember- but I am almost positive the top layer of our cake was carrot cake. So so good!

And I love that you stuck with it for the bouquet- When you look back years later- I am sure they will stick out to you. So special.