Monday, July 13, 2009

Wedding Recap: Speeches, Songs, and Poems

I could include all of this in with the ceremony & the reception, but that would make for some LONG posts. We were lucky to have so many wonderful friends and family celebrate with us and even luckier that they were part of the celebration.

During the ceremony instead of a traditional reading my sister read the poem "The Gift from the Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. We chose the poem for several reasons. 1. It wasn't too sappy or corny. I'm more of a realist when it comes to relationships and 2. The reference to the sea. [Did I mention the original plan was to get married at the beach? At least we got to sneak it in a bit with the poem.]


Charlie's sister and her husband are both musicians. They performed the song "When you Know" by Shawn Colvin during the ceremony. Did I mention how talented they are? Oh, and they're also awesome people. Definitely one of the reasons I wish we weren't so far away from family.



And of course during the reception my parents made a toast. My poor Dad. I had talked to my mom about it before, just so ask her if they wanted to say something, etc. Apparently, she forgot to tell my dad so it got sprung on him about 2 minutes before he was handed a mike. It was sweet, though.


Charlie's best friend growing up made a speech. I think he was the only person who actually prepared something.

And my sister, who was my Maid of Honor, made a speech. I think between reading the poem and making the speech she was a little nervous. She did a great job.



Emily said...

You look so much like your dad! Fun to hear all the little details - love the color of the dresses you picked.

Taryn said...

My sister read a poem too. How cool!

(I cannot get over how beautiful your wedding was.)