Friday, July 17, 2009

Wedding Recap: The pics you don't frame

You know when you look back on the pictures from the day ... even the ones from the photographer who generally took out all of the awful, embarrassing pictures ... there are ones when you think "wow what was I doing/thinking". Here's a few of mine that I've collected. They're too funny not to share.

We'll start with the ceremony. There's one I'm still waiting on getting from a friend & it's priceless.

I'm putting the ring on C's finger in this one & this is my "are you suuuuure? Because once this baby's on your finger you can't ever take it off" face.

And after the vows ...

This was after the ceremony when we were about to take pictures. I look pretty angry but I assure you I was excited.

No idea. Bad, just bad.

When Charlie saw this he asked, "Did I really get on the ground like that?" Uhh, yeah ... the camera doesn't lie.

We may not always take good pictures ... but at least we have fun making fools of ourselves.


Kristy said...

I have a very similar shot to the 2nd one, except in my other hand was a beer. So classy

Taryn said...

HAHAHA- I love the one of you making a face at your main man with the ring. Seriously- you should frame that one.

Sarah said...

Classic pics! I especially love the one of your husband's wicked dance moves :)