Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wedding Recap: The ceremony

It was really important to me to get married outside. And one of the reasons we picked our location was that there were multiple ceremony location options and a huge tent for the reception & the ceremony if it rained. I'm not really sure why I was so adamant about everything being outside, but I was. Ok, in reality I just hate being inside. Besides, our location was so beautiful it would have been a waste to hold everything inside.

We had our ceremony performed by an ex-Catholic priest. I wanted some spirituality in the ceremony and Charlie didn't want to have too much so it was a good compromise. He did a great job aside from the fact that his "speech on love" rambled on and on. He kept talking about particles and how we're all tied together because of the particles that run through us all. Odd, but whatever.

Since we were married around a pond, we didn't have a traditional aisle down the center. So we all came in from different directions. Charlie & the boys walked in from one side.

The walk.

The girls walked in from the other side.


And my parents and I walked in from the opposite direction. Sounds confusing but, trust me, it wasn't.

Walking down the isle.

We listened to a talk about particles and love.


Exchanged vows.


Sealed the deal with a kiss.


And left to enjoy 5 minutes of "alone" time before taking pictures. [Ok, maybe we would have been alone if one of the caterers hadn't thought this was a good time for him to sit down and have a drink where we happened to be.]


All of these pictures are credited to Joseph Allen.


Taryn said...

so beautiful! I love the reflection in the water. It is so perfect.

mollyandmarshal said...

Absolutely gorgeous!