Monday, July 20, 2009

July Confessions

... I seriously HATE packing. And am really dreading lugging all of these to our new place in 2 weeks.
... I should have listened to my dad when he said "Danielle, DO NOT put polyurethane on those chairs outside. Do it in the garage". Um, yeah .... not such a hot idea.
I'm going to add my own advice here: don't have your black dog hanging around outside when you are coating white chairs with polyurethane.
... I'm a little scared of hiking Pikes Peak. It's a lot of climbing and I have done a lot of sitting outside and drinking beers lately. Not exactly the best way to get in shape.
... I'm the most anti-social person on airplanes. I think it's because once you start making conversation with someone there's no way to stop and 4 hours is a long time to talk to someone.
... I'm worried we didn't do the best packing job and not all of our stuff will make it 10 minutes down the road.
... I can't sit through Harry Potter. Any of them. Sorry, they're just way too long. I did read all the books, though.
... I hate Charlie's air purifiers. They're ridiculously ugly.
... I'm eating chips and dip for lunch.
... I should be packing right now.


Jodie said...

Thanks for the comment. And no, your dogs are def. not the only spoiled ones. PS- I love reading your blog and your wedding pictures are beautiful! Also, it's so strange/random but my brother-in-law is a native east coaster as well but recently moved to Boulder and loving it! Enjoy the outdoors!

Taryn said...

haha- I am sorry about the chairs- get a lot of stuff under the polyurethane?

I hate packing too- good luck!

Anonymous said...

The chairs could be a lot worse ... just don't look too closely or you might notice some tiny dog hairs.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Great pics. Love your dog.